Even Closer!!!

Dear Friends of Catholic Radio,

We have wonderful news to share! Bishop Libasci grants NH Catholic Community radio his approval for WICX 102.7FM in Concord, NH. In the Bishop’s words, “I see the value of Catholic Radio and am pleased that it will have a home here in the Concord area.

We are grateful to Bishop Libasci for his approval.

What’s next? We have still have major endeavors and we will absolutely need your help! We can only construct this station with your help.

Before we can order the antenna, transmitter and other necessary equipment, we need to raise funds to cover these expenses.

As we will not accept funds from the Diocese, we must raise all funds from the people like you, who see this as strengthening the Church on the inside, and an unparalleled effort to reach out to tens of thousands outside the Church. WICX 102.7FM will become available to more than 50,000 people in the Concord area.

How can you help?

  1. Pray! Then Pray some more! Add WICX 102.7FM to your daily prayers.
  2. In the next few days, we will post our Parish Appeal schedule over the next 5-8 weeks. If you can volunteer to help at any of the parish appeals (eg. placing cards, handing out flyers) please contact Mike Bellino at 603-938-5129 or NHCatholicRadio@gmail.com
  3. If you will consider a donation of any amount to help our matching funds account, please go to our donations page. Do you own or operate a business? Perhaps you might consider becoming a station underwriter?

Check this website for other opportunities to help move this important project forward!

Oh, one more thing… Turn your radio right now to 102.7FM. What do you hear? Static. You, yes YOU will be the difference between the static of modernity and the eternal Truth of the Catholic Church. Make it so.

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