Appeal May 2013

Dear Friend of Catholic Radio,

For those who may not have had the pleasure of a personal introduction, New Hampshire Catholic Community Radio (NHCCR) is an incorporated non-profit organization in New Hampshire. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to bring Catholic Radio to NH because Catholic Radio is the most cost effective way to evangelize all of our friends, neighbors, and most especially reaching those in dire need of God’s word of Love.

For three years we have been working to spread the Gospel, for example, our own radio program (Catholic Life) and assisting others in bringing with Catholic radio to New Hampshire. At last our opportunity to apply for a radio station of our own is at hand. Now, more than ever, we need your prayers and support as we round a final turn toward obtaining our own permit to build a radio station.

The FCC has announced they will accept applications on October 15th of this year for construction permits. As we are in an area with ample FM open frequencies, and ‘underserved’ in Catholic radio, we stand an excellent chance of being awarded one. This opportunity is very rare (the previous one was 13 years ago) and only occurs at the whim of the government.

Consider how critically we need evangelization in our state outside of the weekly homilies in our churches. Consider the attacks on religious liberty; on marriage and family; our tax dollars going to support abortion and pro-abortion advocates.

If you share our vision for a positive, catholic voice on the airwaves, the decisive moment is here!  

We need your financial support. We are asking for your help to raise approximately $2,000 needed to cover engineering and legal fees. (Note: we will use Catholic resources for both.)                              

To help us along, a benefactor has offered to double all donations (up to $500). If you donate $5, it becomes $10; $25 becomes $50, and so on. Please consider a donation – any amount is greatly appreciated. The catch: All donations must be made by May 31st.                                            

Please find enclosed a donation card and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please fill this out and mail back to us, whether you can make a donation or not. This will allow us to know your prayers are with us.

You can mail a check, or if you prefer, use our secure on-line donation system at our web site: (on-line donations can be one-time or scheduled from your checking or credit account.)

Please pray for us as we will pray for you! And pray for our Church in this time of need.

In Christ,

Michael Bellino
President, NHCCR

P.S. For the month of May, we will post several of our radio programs at 

P.P.S. Please view the informative Catholic Radio promotion video:

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